2014 /17 20"Silverado, Tahoe
,Suburban hard chrome {not
chrome cladded} wheels with
275x55x20 Goodyear Wrangler
SRA or Continental tires. Includes
TPMS @ 2712.00 includuing
Cadillac/Chev/GMC 22" --6 stud circle
fits Chevy/GMC/Cadillac back to 1988.
Bridgestone Deuller Alenza tires.
$3600.00 including all taxes These are
brand new CPVD chrome replica
wheels with brand new tires. Can
exchange center caps INCLUDES TPM
See also GMC section
2014 Silverado Tahoe
Suburban factory 20" Polished
alloy rims with 275x55x20
Goodyear SRA tires. Wheels
,tires,choice of caps and
Includes TPMS $2400.00
including all taxes.
Also available in black
powdercoated at $300.00 more