2017 {fits from 2004} Ford F250/350 King Ranch
option 20" Polished alloy wheels with LT
275x65x20 Michelin OWL "LT" rated tires. Factory
alloys with big big big tires $2500.00 Including
taxes. Wheels, tires,caps,sensors and lugnuts .
Less than 5 miles on thes. Two wheels have
cutouts for 4WD
2004-17 F150 alloy 20" wheels with
275x55x20 Hankook ATR tires. picture
shows pirelli but these are the newer
Hankooks Removed from a 2016 F150
with 6 miles showing. Wheels ,Tires,
TPMs included for certain years
$2300.00 including all taxes. These are
charcoal grey
USED SETS 2005/2016 F150 17" alloy
265x70x17 Goodyear Wrangler all season
Removed from daily rental trucks at 10,000km.
Fits 2004 thru 2017 6 stud $1200.00 including
all taxes
New sets available at $1500.00 including
2004 thru 2017 F150 6 stud alloys
with P275x65x18 Goodyear tires.
Dealer take offs
With TPMS at $1800.00 including
sorry but out of stock