2013/14 F150 factory 18" with
Goodyear P275 x65x18 tires.
. 6 stud mounting fits 2004
and newer Includes TPMS
and lugnuts at $1800.00
including taxes
2004 thru 2018 F150/ Expedition chrome
replica 20" alloy wheel in brilliant chrome.
Comes mounted on P275x55x20Goodyear
Eagle Ls-2 all season premium tires.
Includes TPMS, center caps, at $2000.00
including taxes.
Wheels are very slightly used .Tires are

2018 ( fits from 2004) F250/350 Polished alloy
wheels with LT275x70x20 Michelin LTX OWL
tires. These are the newest F250 wheels .from
a platinum edition truck. AWSOME and really
BIG. Wheels ,tires , sensors, lugnuts
($300.00value) $2600.00 including taxes . Fits
2004 and newer Center caps removed to show
8 studs