2011 thru 2013 GMC /Chev
2500HD snow tire packages
Dealer take off polished alloy
rims with new LT275x65x18
Firestone "E" rated actual
snow tires Includes TPMS and
Limited supply
Chevy /GMC 2500/3500 8
stud wheels with actual "E"
rated snow tires. Chrome
steel factory rims , new LT
265x75x16 or 245x75x16
Firestone winterforce snow
tires From $1400.00
05-6-7 Silverado style 17'
wheels with 265x70x17
snow tires. Used wheels
{from Arizona} with brand
new tires. $1300.00
Also available with
winterforce snow tires at
same price
Ford F150 17" chrome clad
steel wheels with 265x70x17
Winterforce snow tires. Mounted
and balanced.Dealer take off
wheels with brand new tires
$1200.00 taxes included
gone for the season
gone for the season