2014 Chev/GMC 18" alloy wheels with 265x65x18
Bridgestone deuller AT tires. Estimate these tires
have less than 10,000 KM on them. Even wear, no
issues, includes center caps These were on my
own truck for two trips to Florida this winter.
$1400.00 including all taxes With TPMS and
choice of caps. Can't beat that with a big stick!!!!!
used set of 2006 GMC Sierra
17" alloys with brand new
265x70x17 Goodyear wrangler
HP. Wheels are excellent -tires
new $1200.00 INCLUDING ALL
TAXES. $1000.00 worth of tires
single 2005/6/7 Cadillac
Escalade chrome factory
alloys .Excellent wheels. no
tires 6 stud fits all LARGE
body GM . 250.00 EACH