Clean corrossion freeFord 17" 8
stud fro F250. Set of 4 with caps.
2004 and newer $600.00 plus
2011 and newer Chev Gmc
18" factory steel wheels.
OEM quality.Excellent winter
wheels New with caps
$800.00 plus taxes
2011 and newer Chev Gmc 17" steel
factory wheels. Excellent OEM quality
winter wheels. NEW with caps
$700.00 plus taxes
another style of 17" Ford F250. Arizona clean
used wheels with center caps. 8 stud 2004
and newer F250 $800.00 plus taxes
17" steel paint wheels that fit
earlier Chev/GMC 8 on 6.5" New
steel wheels $600.00 Generic
Center caps $125.00 plus taxes