Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!!!
Several happy customers have been kind enough to send me pictures of their
vehicles with new wheels installed.These are REALLY nice vehicles and
deserve to be seen,others are unique in the use of imagination. GMC wheels
on a chev,chev wheels on a GMC. Cadillac wheels look good everywhere. No
particular order---- just enjoy!--- Thanx
2013 AVALANCHE ON 22" CK375'S
2010 Suburban on 2014 GMC 20" polished
with chev center caps--tricky
Loaded RAM 1500 on 20"sport alloy rims
2012 yukon on 2014 GMC 20" chrome
wheels. Sorry I "squished" picture
outsdanding!! Bright Blue shorty on 22"
2013 Avalanche on Tahoe 20" reproductions