Dealer Take off 2014 17"
GMC alloy wheels with
265x70x17 Firestone
Winterforce Snow Tires. Like
new wheels , new tires
mounted and balanced
$14500.00. without sensors
and $1600.00 with sensors
tax included
2007-11 dealer take off
17"Chev alloy wheels
with 265x70x17 Snow
tires. Mounted and
balanced $1400.00 Add
$150.00 for sensors
Taxes included
18" factory dodge alloys
with 225x60x18 Firestone
winterforce snows.
Sensors available Fits
$1400.00 inc taxes
Sensors add $150
05-06 GMC denali
polished alloy 17"
wheels with 265x70x17
Snow tires. EXCELLENT
used wheels ,new all
season tires $1400.00