2014/17 Silverado LTZ
alloy wheels. 265x65x18
Goodyear Wrangler SRA
tires, chrome lugnut kit,
TPMS sensors. ALL new
less than 5 miles $1950.00
CHEV,GMC, caps
OWL tires ARE included
blackwalls are $1900.00
2013 Silverado/Tahoe/
Avalanche LTZ 18"
silver/polished wheels with
265x65x18 Goodyear SRA
tires. Includes TPMS,center
caps @ $1600.00 including all
2015 /17 Chev Colorado /GMC canyon
factory 18" alloy wheels with P255x60x18
Hankook all season tires. These are new
GM wheels that I get powdercoated black.
Tires are dealer take off from 2016 {ford}
less than 10 miles. Choice of caps. Will
ONLY fit Colorado/Canyon With TPMS
$1800.00 including all taxes