2015 GMC Yukon/Sierra factory
polished alloys with 275x55x20
Continental premium tires,TPMS, and
lugnuts. Some with Goodyear tires
Can substitute centers for Chev or
Cadillac. $2400.00 including all taxes.

Used set of factory option SEZ chrome 22"
wheels. P285x45x22 Bridgestone deuller AT
RH-S tires,TPMS,Lugnut kit Choice of caps
$2600.00 including taxes. Wheels/tires are
about 1 year old.
brand new replica of 2007 thru 2013
GMC 20" Denali chrome wheels.
Choice of Goodyear Eagle LS-2 or
Continental {while supplies last}
Excellent reproduction. New plain caps
or use original GMC. Includes TPMS @
$2600.00 including all taxes.
brand new 18" chrome replica of
Chev/Gmc 8 stud 2500HD alloy
wheels with LT275x65x18 Goodyear
Dura trac tires. With TPMS and
Generic {no logo} caps Brilliant hard
chrome finish. $2600.00 INCLUDING
TAXES Fits 2011 and newer only
sorry but sold