Brand new reproduction of 2017 22"
Chev Tahoe LTZ wheel Exact copy but
in 20" 6 stud wheel. With Generic cap
Beautiful chrome. Superior to OEM
$1400.00 plus taxes .
Brand new reproduction of
factory chev /GMC 17" 8 stud alloy for
pre 2011 trucks
$800.00 plus taxes. Brand new Chev or
GMC style
no tires or caps
Brand new 20" chrome reproduction of
2007 thru 2013 GMC Denali wheels.
Beautiful hard chrome with generic
center caps
$1400.00 plus taxes
Another great copy of a factory 22" but in
20" Very popular GMC Denali design.
Excellent chrome with cap, 6 bolt Chev/GMC
$1400.00 plus taxes