2015/16 GMC 20" ALL TERRAIN alloys.
Brand new GM alloy wheels with dealer
take off Goodyear Eagle tires. Less than
5 miles Includes wheels, tires, TPMS,
choice of chev or GMC center caps
$2500.00 including all taxes
New GMC factory wheels in GLOSS
black. Dealer Take offs from new
truck 275x55x20 Continental tires.
TPMS, Chrome lugnuts and choice
of caps . $2600.00 including all
Freshly powdercoated version of of
popular GMC option code RD3 20"
wheel. Factory GM wheel in semi-gloss
black Continental tires. Choice of
generic or Chev GMC caps. Includes
TPMS. $2600.00 including all taxes This
is a 20" wheel . Thisis a brand new GM
wheel that I get professionally
powdercoated black.
Dealer Take off 18" factory
wheels with P265x65x18
Goodyear Fuel Max tires.
Includes TPMS and all taxes at
$1900.00 out the door.
sorry but sold out