2015/16 GMC 20" ALL TERRAIN alloys.
Brand new GM alloy wheels with dealer
take off Goodyear Eagle or SRA tires.
Less than 5 miles Includes wheels, tires,
TPMS, choice of chev or GMC center
caps $2500.00 including all taxes
New GMC factory wheels in GLOSS
black. Dealer Take offs from new
truck 275x55x20 Continental tires.
TPMS, Chrome lugnuts and choice
of caps . $2600.00 including all
Set of 4 new Replica wheel in brilliant
hard chrome with P275x55x20
Continental LX 20 tires. Quality copy of
GM optional wheel CK178.I get so
many compliments on these wheels.
Availablew in both 20" and 22" With
TPMS and lugnuts $2400.00 including
taxes or $3400.00 for 22" version with
Bridgestone deuller tires,
Dealer Take off 18" factory
wheels with P265x65x18
Goodyear Fuel Max tires.
Includes TPMS and all taxes at
$1900.00 out the door.