GMC Sierra/Yukon Denali 20"
CHROME alloy wheels.The real
deal!! Genuine GM with
Goodyear Eagle Ls-2 275x55x20
tires. Absolutely beautiful.
Includes $200.00 worth of
chrome lug nuts and includes
TPMS sensors. $2800.00
including all taxes
2015 GMC 20" alloy with 275x55x20
Continental Eco-Plus tires. Nice quiet
all season highway tire. $2600.00
taxes included. This is a new wheel
stripped and powder coated satin
black Includes TPMS sensors and
choice of caps
20" hard chrome Replica with
Continental tires. Quality hard
chrome , generic center caps and
TPMS @ 2500.00 including taxes

Factory option GMC RD3 20". Silver paint
with polished tops of spokes. Includes
Continental P275x55x20 tires and TPMS.
Can instal Chev or Cadillac caps. $2400.00
including taxes.